Identity for Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)
Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) provides Go-to-Market Growth Advisory using real-world experience. The specifics matter because companies can “grow” in different ways – they can add more people, they can buy other companies, etc. but SBI is focused on helping companies market and sell better and faster as a way of doing business (not just a one off). Also, as a professional services firm, SBI thinks of its buyers as “clients” vs. “customers"
Sustena and M Ross Design worked collaboratively to develop a new identity for SBI. Simple, iconic and confident, the dot pattern symbol forms an upward arrow, signifying continuous growth; and also incorporates aggregation of data into the design concept.
This brand identity won Bronze in the 2022 Summit Creative Awards.
Agency: Designed at Sustena, a Pariveda Company.

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